Sunday, 13 November 2011

triple date holiday :D

it's a night of editing.
thanks for still supporting my handy.
there's some picture that i capture for a share.
as a new cliqer,u'r supposed to leave a comment for me to improve slowly through my skills.thanks a lot for spend your time.enjoy.
indah-nya sunset :D
ciptaan Tuhan.
alhamdulillah,aku sempat menikmatinya :')
era lamina's family.
actually it's our family's company name.
and i called my family by it's name.
i love my family so much.
i don't know why my mom look at us so serius like that.
haha.btw look gangster.haha
i love you so much.
there my youngest sister.
really naughty and stubborn.
i love her too.
i'm trying to focusing the small ship to the real ship but i can't do it untill i'm almost cryin for it.damn,hard.haha
wanna make it as my pet.
my parents get shock on it !
i love alpha.muaxx!
extra extended camera.
haha.yeah,my carazy sibling on action.haha
love-ly view from Kilang Satay.
okayy,here is Kubu zaman perang dulu.
cantek!macam kawasan Kelly's Castle.
even i don't know why i feel afraid for edit this picture.
normal pose for a love-ly family.
i love them very much.
lu kacau dorang,wa cium lu !
at last,simple present for Alpha.
thanks for your accompany at
Pulau Pangkor.
nice holiday.