Saturday, 31 December 2011

sweetest of nature.

hye!again,i'm nina.
a bit view for my capture to plus plus my collection. we start..
using scene macro.gelap sikit.
haha.comel pulak bila tengok lama-lama.but  ni pun capture
 pakai scene macro jugak.
priceless background as for me laa.
there!my favourite it so much.muax!
nature landscape scene.
reflection focus.
yeahhhh.bulat-bulat for background.muax!

haaabeeeessss  ;)
okayy.leave your comment.
i'm newbie,beginner.

take care yaww (:

Sunday, 13 November 2011

triple date holiday :D

it's a night of editing.
thanks for still supporting my handy.
there's some picture that i capture for a share.
as a new cliqer,u'r supposed to leave a comment for me to improve slowly through my skills.thanks a lot for spend your time.enjoy.
indah-nya sunset :D
ciptaan Tuhan.
alhamdulillah,aku sempat menikmatinya :')
era lamina's family.
actually it's our family's company name.
and i called my family by it's name.
i love my family so much.
i don't know why my mom look at us so serius like that.
haha.btw look gangster.haha
i love you so much.
there my youngest sister.
really naughty and stubborn.
i love her too.
i'm trying to focusing the small ship to the real ship but i can't do it untill i'm almost cryin for it.damn,hard.haha
wanna make it as my pet.
my parents get shock on it !
i love alpha.muaxx!
extra extended camera.
haha.yeah,my carazy sibling on action.haha
love-ly view from Kilang Satay.
okayy,here is Kubu zaman perang dulu.
cantek!macam kawasan Kelly's Castle.
even i don't know why i feel afraid for edit this picture.
normal pose for a love-ly family.
i love them very much.
lu kacau dorang,wa cium lu !
at last,simple present for Alpha.
thanks for your accompany at
Pulau Pangkor.
nice holiday.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


assalamualaikum :D
i'm nina.
someone who beginner in capturing ;)

negatif of hundred and fifteen missed call.
why?how could you.
heyy,it's mean 300 + 115 called you have done.
feuh,by the way my reason is : SLEEPING .
sorry ;)

cutie kitty hoh ?
i've been attracted by it's eyes.

hye froggie.
thanks for the posing angle.

there's a way to find it.
even it the dark.
go for it , don't give up !

it's call panning !
am i right mr. PROGRAPHER?
haha.i loikkeee :D

balloons !
i love balloon.
hee :D

"mai beli mai beli",kata si penjual.
spending time with papa at :

it is just for my view and i may accept any critic from anybody.
i am not perfect and we , us will try to find the PERFECT-NESS together.
a bit,from newbie :

Sunday, 23 October 2011

it's all about acting !

heyy,assalamualaikum !
i'm back , dear . okayy . 
today i'm goin to story a bit about my new small carier :D
"your support is my smile"

i love you lahh !
here's my picture using my baby(a580).
i love my camera.

sherry aiza.iloveyou,babe!
adam shah,nina zainal and sha fathin.

you supposed to know him when you follow  "JUVANA the series"

starting on 31 october 2011.
watch it !

my beshbro:aliff omar.


brother agent to production.
sweet moment huh?haha
just brother and lil sis.

and the last but not least.
the best group ever.
iloveyouall-lahhh !

 again :


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

sehari berteman-kan artis Indonesia (;

assalamualaikum (:
setelah keputusan ikhlas untuk merantau dan luang-kan masa bersama si jejaka kachak :
In-spirasi Salam / Sang Jiwa .
Bersyukur ke-hadrat illahi kerana telah mengurnia-kan jejaka berjiwa lembut yang senang kita hargai oleh kata-kata beliau dalam lirik lagu yang di-ilhamkan sendiri berdasar-kan pengalaman hidup sendiri . Terima Kasih juga saya ucap-kan kerana sudi meluang-kan masa bersama Hamba Allah ini . (:

Saya sebagai adik , sentiasa mendoa-kan yang terbaik . dan jauh-kan beliau dari dugaan-dugaan yang meng-aibkan . Terus-kan perjuangan abang dalam karier abang okayy ?! :D

Terima kasih sekali lagi atas  ilmu yang telah beliau curah-kan walaupun hanya secarik dari daun yang menghijau .  Semoga beliau berjaya dalam kerjaya beliau .
Jaga Diri yaww !!!